More WiMAX equipment delivered to help displaced Haitians communicate

12 Feb 2010

A network of ten WiMAX base stations is being shipped to Haiti by Singapore-based SmartBridges Solutions as part of ongoing efforts by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to improve communications facilities for the earthquake-stricken country. The ITU-led project will use WiMAX and Wi-Fi technology to set up wireless phone and internet connectivity at 100 holding centres for displaced people. SmartBridge is also contributing 40 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) devices for the deployment as well as assigning engineers who will work alongside ITU experts to help get the network up and running as quickly as possible. The ITU has been involved in the relief effort in Haiti since soon after the earthquake on 12 January, setting up emergency facilities including satellite and cellular systems, whilst existing WiMAX networks operated by domestic ISPs were amongst the first to be restored in the aftermath of the disaster which rendered much of the terrestrial infrastructure non-operational. The ten-storey headquarters of Haiti’s fixed line PSTN operator, Teleco, was reduced to rubble by the quake, which claimed an estimated 200,000 lives.

Haiti, Natcom