Samsung and Yota gear up for nationwide deployment

9 Feb 2010

Russian WiMAX specialist Yota has awarded a contract to Samsung Electronics for the provision and deployment of a nationwide mobile broadband network, according to a press release by the equipment vendor. Under the contract, Samsung will supply more than 5,000 mobile WiMAX base stations and Access Control Routers (ACR) to Yota from March 2010, aiming to initially expand the company’s network coverage from three to 15 cities in 2010, before expanding the network to 180 cities nationwide over the next few years. Yota claims to have contracted 300,000 WiMAX subscribers across its networks in Moscow, St Petersburg and Ufa, while pilot networks in Kransnodar and Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, are said to have attracted the custom of a further 50,000 consumers. In addition to the expansion of coverage in Russia, Yota is also actively extending its mobile WiMAX services with Samsung in other markets around the globe. Yota launched a trial service in Nicaragua last December and is preparing to launch in Belarus in the second quarter of 2010. In January Yota was also awarded mobile WiMAX bandwidth spectrum use for nationwide network services in Peru.

‘We appreciate Samsung’s proven technology and accumulated experience in the mobile WiMAX industry,’ said Mr. Dennis Sverdlov, CEO of Yota, adding, ‘Thanks to Samsung we can maximise the time-to-market advantage by reducing deployment time, while guaranteeing the same high quality mobile broadband service to customers across the world.’

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