TelstraClear launches 3G over Vodafone's network

8 Feb 2010

MVNO TelstraClear has launched a 3G service over Vodafone’s network for business customers following the success of a two month pilot scheme. The operator said it decided to bring the launch date forward to take advantage of disgruntled customers in the wake of Telecom New Zealand’s recent 3G network failure. TelstraClear says it is targeting the post-paid market and is aiming for 100,000 subscribers within the next three years. The cellco used to provide services over Vodafone’s network but switched to Telecom in 2007 following a dispute. It decided to move back to Vodafone after Telecom decided in May 2009 not to allow the MVNO to piggyback on its 3G network.

New Zealand, TelstraClear