Fourth wireless licence auction planned for 2010

3 Feb 2010

Peru is confident that it will finally attract a fourth mobile telephony operator this year, according to BNamericas which cites a report in local paper Gestion which quotes the country’s transport and communications minister Enrique Cornejo. According to the official, ProInversin is planning to launch an auction later this year.

The government’s previous attempt to award 25MHz of spectrum in the 1900MHz band failed to attract any bidders. The deadline for proposals was 30 November 2009. ProInversion is believed to have decided to extend the bidding process after the previous prequalified companies – Kuwaiti firm HITS Telecom and local telco Americatel – declined to present economic offers due to the lack of financing as a consequence of the global economic crisis. ‘We believe that the process should be re-launched with more flexible conditions to enable the entry of a new mobile telephony operator. That is the government’s main goal. However, the final decision needs to be made by the transport and communications ministry,’ a source at Proinversion previously told BNamericas.