Ministry announces blanket ban on telecom masts

1 Feb 2010

A report in Ghana Business News says the country’s Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST) has imposed an immediate ban on the mounting of telecoms masts in Ghana ‘until further notice’ much to the chagrin of domestic operators. Local reports cited a letter from MEST to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), dated 12 January 2010, confirming the ban. In the report EPA says roughly 50% of all communications masts in the country were erected by service providers who did not obtain the required permit. However, local cellcos are concerned the edict will adversely affect rural coverage in Ghana. The CEO of Kasapa Telecom, Mr. Bob Palitz, has reportedly accused the Ministry of taking a unilateral decision when there is a committee working to resolve the issue of co-location.

Ghana, Kasapa Telecoms (Expresso)