UK auction of 2.6GHz spectrum not until 2011?

29 Jan 2010

According to the UK’s Independent Spectrum Broker, Kip Meek, it appears likely that the country will not hold an auction for Long Term Evolution (LTE) spectrum until 2011 at the earliest. Speaking to ZDnet Mr Meek claimed that the delay of the sale of 2.6GHz spectrum stems partially from reluctance from the market’s major players to get involved now; operators instead are understood to be focusing on trialling the provision of 3G services over the 900MHz band, as they claim this will help them assess how much they would be willing to pay for spectrum in the debated band. The comments come after the UK’s largest mobile operator by subscribers, O2 UK, confirmed that it had completed a trial of LTE technology in Slough, reporting that it had recorded peak downlink speeds of 150Mbps during the pilot.

United Kingdom, Ofcom