ComCom considers single 4G network

28 Jan 2010

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission (ComCom) has announced that it is open to proposals for the deployment of a single, open access, Long Term Eolution (LTE) network to fulfil the country’s 4G needs, reports Rob Spray, chairman of the Telecommunications Industry Group, first raised the idea of a shared network in December 2009. Spray said that in New Zealand’s saturated market, individual LTE networks would be impractical; adding that even deploying a single network could double the number of base transmission stations in the country, from 2,500 to 5,000. Ernie Newman, chief executive of the Telecom Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ), said that he was also open-minded to the idea of a single network, but emphasised the need to guarantee open access, saying: ‘We would not want three providers coming together and blocking access. There would need to be a structure to allow others to enter on fair and reasonable terms.’