Vodafone hits the right note with 450,000 paying subscribers to mobile music

27 Jan 2010

Vodafone Group has signed up nearly 450,000 subscribers to its mobile music services since it inked Digital Rights Management-free deals with all four major recording labels in 2009, giving it what it claims is the largest paying mobile music customer base in Europe, reports cbmagazine.co.uk. In December 2009 alone over 100,000 customers signed up to the UK-based group’s music services, which it provides in its eight largest markets in Europe. Vodafone’s range includes monthly volume-based MP3 download bundles as well as unlimited access subscriptions, whilst it allows its users to play tracks on both mobile devices and PCs, and via a variety of digital music players including iTunes. Unlimited MP3 download subscriptions are offered both as a standalone product as well as bundled with data tariffs. When taking the latter option, customers can access the entire catalogue of over two million tracks for as little as EUR3 (USD4.20) a month.

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