Neotel to introduce individual number porting in April 2010

27 Jan 2010

South African second network operator (SNO) Neotel has announced plans to implement individual fixed line number portability in April 2010. Angus Hay, executive head of technology at Neotel, said: ‘The porting of numbers in blocks of 10,000 or 1,000 has been available for some months now. Unfortunately that excluded many businesses, as it is only relevant to very large corporations. We are already testing 100 block porting, and as of April will be able to do 100 block and individual porting for any customer.’ Neotel believes that the introduction of individual number porting will increase competition in the sector, challenging fixed line incumbent Telkom South Africa’s dominant market position. Hay added: ‘This is what South Africans have been waiting for, the ability to port their individual fixed line telephone numbers. This truly puts consumers in charge of their own destiny when it comes to service providers.’