EVN asks to share 3G infrastructure

27 Jan 2010

Vietnamese telecoms operator EVN Telecom, a subsidiary of Electricity of Vietnam, has asked the country’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) for permission to share third-generation mobile network facilities with other wireless operators, VietNamNet Bridge reports. EVN hopes that sharing 3G infrastructure, by allowing national roaming on the mobile networks of its rivals, will allow it to cut investment costs by up to one-third. Chief of EVN’s IT-Telecom department, Nguyen Thanh Lam, commented: ‘EVN is facing many difficulties because big networks refuse EVN’s roaming on their networks. However, they are ready for international roaming. It is very irrational.’ EVN has also petitioned the MIC to cut connection fees for international VoIP services by 50%.

Vietnam, EVN Telecom, Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC)