Dutch recap: smaller operators prove successful in penetration

22 Jan 2010

Netherlands-based fibre-optic network operator OONO has reported a promising start to its business operations in 2010, saying its inaugural project for the Red Apple building in Rotterdam and another three projects are underway. Telecompaper writes the other projects include fibre-optic deployments for businesses (Waalwijk), institutes (Tilburg) and private households (Vught). Under the operator’s business model, OONO acts as the infrastructure operator and the networks are owned by the customers, which will be ‘open’ to all service providers. Equipment is currently being provided by Alcatel-Lucent and based on GPON technology, it added.

In a separate story, another Dutch fibre-optic provider Reggefiber has applied to the European Investment Bank (EIB) for financing to the tune of EUR130 million (USD183 million). Last year Reggefiber shareholder KPN revealed it was in the market to secure additional funding for the venture and hoped to secure financing in the first half of this year. The EIB financing concerns proposals to cover 33 cities and towns where open FTTH networks are planned for deployment. These include Leeuwarden, Houten, Enter and possibly other areas of Amersfoort.