Ericsson upgrading 3’s Danish, Swedish networks to 84Mbps HSPA+

21 Jan 2010

Hutchison Whampoa’s Scandinavian subsidiaries Hi3G Access Sweden and Hi3G Access Denmark, which offer 3G services under the ‘3’ brand, have contracted Swedish equipment giant Ericsson to upgrade their HSPA+ (HSPA Evolution) mobile networks in stages from a current maximum 21Mbps (downstream) capability to 84Mbps using multi-carrier technology. Under a new three-year contract Ericsson will this quarter begin upgrading 3’s networks to 42Mbps (theoretical maximum downlink), in a nationwide rollout in Denmark which will also cover four major cities in Sweden; a second phase of upgrading, to 84Mbps, is scheduled to start by the end of the year. In addition, Ericsson will boost Hi3G Access Sweden’s indoor and outdoor coverage, with a special focus on remote areas, with the rollout of a W-CDMA/HSPA network based on re-farmed 900MHz band wireless spectrum. The Swedish vendor is also providing IP-based fibre-optic and microwave backhaul as part of the contract, as well as support services. HSPA+ technology can reach 28Mbps using multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) antennas, but can reach higher speeds with an additional multi-carrier (or ‘carrier aggregation’) implementation. Using these methods, Ericsson has already demonstrated 84Mbps HSPA Evolution and says 100Mbps-plus performance is possible. The Danish and Swedish twin cellcos belong to the regional group 3 Scandinavia which is owned by Hong Kong’s Hutchison Whampoa (60%) and Stockholm-based Investor AB (40%). The group also holds a 3G licence in Norway, but is yet to launch services there.

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