Interoute and Gibtelecom bring new choice to ‘the Rock’

19 Jan 2010

Gibtelecom, a telecoms provider in Gibraltar, and Interoute have deployed an alternative telecoms route to Gibraltar, offering high capacity connectivity between ‘the Rock’ and the rest of Europe. The new point of presence (PoP) will give users and businesses in Gibraltar additional resilient access to Europe via Interoute’s pan- European network. Moreover, the fibre optic network offers virtually unlimited capacity to support further growth in Gibraltar. This new route complements Gibtelecom’s existing international routes, including via Telefonica and Cable & Wireless, and will provide further communications resilience for Gibraltar. The new link that has been constructed by Interoute, under contract to Gibtelecom, runs from Madrid to Gibraltar. It is over 900km in length and runs independently of all other telecoms companies infrastructure in southern Spain. The initially commissioned capacity on the link is an STM16.

United Kingdom, Gibtelecom