Mobile TV licences to be awarded in 2010

18 Jan 2010

Taiwanese regulator the National Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that it plans to issue two mobile TV concessions by year-end, DigiTimes reports. Each licensee will be allocated 6MHz of wireless frequency across which it will deliver 18-20 programme channels; one will operate on Channel 35 (596MHz-602MHz) and the other on Channel 36 (602MHz-608MHz). A nationwide network of mobile TV services would require the deployment of ten high-power base stations, 20-30 mid-power base stations and 500-600 low-power base stations, an outlay of around TWD1 billion (USD31 million). The two licensees will be allowed to adopt either the Qualcomm-developed MediaFLO or DVB-H as their mobile TV standard. At the end of 2006 NCC awarded five companies – China Television, Public Television Service, Chinese Television System, Chunghwa Wideband Best Network and Taiwan Television Enterprise – trial mobile TV concessions, with four licensees choosing DVB-H and the other using MediaFLO. The trials ended in June 2008.