NT not keen to return 2.4MHz frequency

13 Jan 2010

Nepal Telecom (NT) is defying the regulator, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), by refusing to return 2.4Mhz of frequency as requested. myrepublika quotes NT spokesperson Surendra Thike as saying the frequencies are necessary for NT’s quality service. ‘We are not in a position to return the frequency,’ he added. The NTA recently requested that NT return 4.2MHz of spectrum within three months and other temporary frequencies within a year, but in the wake of its non-response to letters, decided to stop it using 2.4MHz of frequency altogether. Last week, the NTA board decided to issue the aforementioned 4.2MHz block of frequencies to market newcomer Smart Telecom.

Currently NT is using a total of 45MHz frequencies, including both temporary and permanent ones, a figure that industry watchers say is unnecessary. A high level source at NTA reportedly told myrepublica, ‘NT needs only around 28.8MHz [of] frequency … [it] is holding double the frequency than it actually needs.’

Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NT)