T-Mobile to stop taking new subscribers for @Home service

11 Jan 2010

According to Fierce Wireless, T-Mobile USA is to discontinue its Home service which allows customers to make calls through a T-Mobile router for an add-on charge of USD10 per month. The service is said to be continuing until the company’s inventory of @Home routers is diminished, at which point no new subscribers will be able to sign up. In a statement T-Mobile said, ‘The needs of our customers are constantly changing, and T-Mobile must foresee and adapt to these changes. As such, T-Mobile plans to soon discontinue selling the T-MobileHome service; however, we will continue to support the service for customers who are @Home subscribers. No changes are anticipated in pricing of the service, nor will this decision impact the Wi-Fi calling (Unlimited HotSpot Calling) service.’

United States, T-Mobile US