Mobilink hints at leapfrogging 3G

21 Dec 2009

Some Pakistani cellcos could leapfrog 3G technology and look to offer 4G services instead, according to comments by mobile operator Mobilink’s president Rashid Khan, reports the Daily Times. ‘Yes, there has been a discussion about the launch of 3G technology in the country for some time. However, like some other countries, we can also go for 4G technology and we are in talks with the government in this regard,’ said Khan. In addition Khan refuted accusations that a number of mobile network operators had joined together to block the launch of 3G services in Pakistan, noting that all operators had been in talks with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) over the introduction of new technologies, with Mr Khan adding: ‘The decision has to be taken by the government and we would follow its directions.’

The executive has also said that Mobilink has invested some USD2.5 billion in the development and expansion of its network to date, with USD150 million spent in 2009 alone. The cellco reportedly has some 8,000 cell sites in operation across the country, which it claims is the largest number of any cellco.