Jazztel offers indirect ADSL connections

17 Dec 2009

Alternative Spanish operator Jazztel has begun offering indirect ADSL services in areas that it does not currently cover with its own fibre-optic network, Trading Markets reports. The telco is offering download speeds of between 1Mbps and 10Mbps on the new service, and the high speed internet connection will be bundled with a flat-rate fixed line voice service. As part of a promotion to launch the new services Jazztel will offer customers the opportunity to sign up for EUR19.95 (USD29.02) per month for the first six months for any of the new options, after which time the price will revert to EUR29.95 per month for connections at 10Mbps or 7Mbps, while 3Mbps and 1Mbps options will cost EUR27.95 a month. The fixed line voice portion of the package will cost EUR13.95 irrespective of the option chosen.

Spain, Jazztel