FCC previews NBP

17 Dec 2009

US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has outlined a number of preliminary recommendations which will guide the development of the National Broadband Plan (NBP). Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 the FCC began to formulate the NBP in April 2009, intending to consult industry members, consumers and local authorities to draw up and deliver the plan to Congress by 17 February 2010. The interim report, published via the FCC website, reveals that the NBP will include policy recommendations in ten key areas: universal service, infrastructure access, spectrum allocation, tribal lands, set-top boxes, consumer information, media, adoption of broadband, accessibility for people with disabilities, and public safety; while also addressing education, energy, health care and civic participation implications. The report suggests that expansion of the Universal Service Fund (USF) may be necessary to support the development of broadband infrastructure in underserved areas. Another proposal highlights the need for additional wireless spectrum to support the expansion of the wireless broadband segment, suggesting the reallocation of some spectrum held by television broadcasters and federal agencies and a review of currently unlicensed frequencies.

United States, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)