FNA outlines VDSL access regulation

8 Dec 2009

Germany’s telecoms regulator, the Federal Network Agency (FNA), has unveiled the conditions under which incumbent telco Deutsche Telekom (DT) must provide competitors access to its VDSL network, after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled last week that the agency must no longer grant DT a ‘regulatory holiday’ regarding its fibre-optic infrastructure. UK-based company Vodafone had also filed a complaint to the regulator following the failure of talks between its German unit and DT to negotiate access to the latter’s VDSL network. Under the regulator’s new conditions, the incumbent must allow rivals access to cable duct systems and in some cases dark fibre, and install DSLAMs in its VDSL network points. DT must also allow companies to run their own fibre-optic cables into cable channel units. Prior to the introduction of VDSL regulation, the Bonn-based company had successfully argued that the scale of its investment, and the fact that it constituted a new market, meant that the fibre-optic network should be exempt from competition.