Broadband market grew in Q3, despite small drop in xDSL usage, report claims

7 Dec 2009

The number of broadband connections in the Netherlands increased marginally by 38,300 (0.8%) in the third quarter of this year to 5.996 million, according to Telecompaper. The increase came despite a 0.4% quarterly fall in the number of xDSL lines in service, to 3.542 million on 30 September 2009, the paper said. The dip in copper wire-based broadband connections was offset by a 1.5% rise in cable subscribers to 2.294 million, while fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) uptake reached 12% for a total of 160,000 at the same date. As at 30 September 2009 Dutch broadband penetration per household was 36.2%, up from 35.1% a year earlier.

In terms of operational data, Dutch cableco Zesko Holdings (Ziggo) reported the strongest quarterly gain, adding a net 18,000 new additions for 1.418 million users as at 30 September. Meanwhile, xDSL provider Tele2 Netherlands signed up 15,000 new users to lift its total to 390,500. Other leading players in the domestic market at the end of Q3 2009 were KPN’s ISP ‘Internet van KPN’ with 1.161 million DSL customers and cable operator UPC with 707,900 customers. Another KPN subsidiary, Het Net, reported a net loss of 11,000 DSL customers during the quarter to end September with 670,000 users.