Russia-Iran-Azerbaijan venture to improve Caspian connectivity

2 Dec 2009

Privately owned Iranian company Iran Mobin has formed a 50/50 equity joint venture with C-Ring Telecom, itself a venture of Russian long-distance operator Synterra and Azerbaijan’s AzTelekom, according to Synterra’s website. The project aims to collaborate on the planned rollout of a new fibre-optic ring around the Caspian Sea to handle Europe-Asia voice and data transmission and improve internet service delivery in the Caspian region. Iran Mobin will connect to the C-Ring network via the backbone of state-owned Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC), Iran’s only provider of backbone infrastructure. Russian and Iranian state and company officials signed joint venture documents at a trade and economic cooperation summit in Tehran, whilst TIC also signed an agreement with another Russian carrier, Rostelecom, to share international transmission links.

Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, AzTelekom, Rostelecom, Synterra, Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI)