Telstra reorganises business units

30 Nov 2009

Telstra’s CEO David Thodey today announced organisational changes that he said would help the company grow in key markets, invest in innovation, and provide better customer service. The changes mean the Australian telco’s functional areas will be split into: four customer-facing business units (Consumer, Business, Enterprise & Government and Telstra Country Wide), two product-based units (Wireless, Data, Applications & Services and PSTN, Fixed Broadband, BigPond & Media), a newly consolidated Operations unit, a new International division (‘bringing together all of Telstra’s Asian assets into one dedicated unit for the first time’), Sensis (‘remaining responsible for Chinese media assets’), Telstra Wholesale and corporate support units. ‘Today I am taking another step to organise Telstra around our core strategy: to compete in the fastest-growing markets in Australia and overseas, lead the industry by investing in new products and services, and deliver a better experience for our valued customers,’ Mr Thodey said, adding that ‘these new groups will help us focus on opportunities in markets that are most important for Telstra’s future, like the ‘digital home’. This structure will allow us to continue to innovate and provide leading-edge products and services that meet our customers’ needs.’ Mr Thodey also said that Telstra would operate its New Zealand and Australian businesses ‘as part of a single trans-Tasman market.’

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