Pakistan’s USF awards contracts valued at PKR1.25 billion

25 Nov 2009

Pakistan’s Daily Times is reporting that the country’s Universal Service Fund has awarded telecoms contracts worth approximately PKR1.25 billion (USD15 million) for the provision of broadband services in unserved areas of the Hazara Telecom Region (HTR) to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) and Wateen Telecom. The two companies will be paid PKR266 million to provide services in the Abbottabad, Batagram, Haripur, Kohistan and Mansehra districts of the region. Further, the telcos will set up 145 educational broadband centres across the region, alongside 21 community broadband centres.

In addition, Wateen has also inked a deal to provide fibre-optic connectivity to unserved tehsils (administrative divisions) in Central Balochistan. Wateen will receive PKR986 million for laying more than 1,100km of fibre-optic cable in eleven tehsils, with more than 700,000 people expected to benefit from the project.