OFTA proposes new 850MHz/900MHz/2GHz spectrum auction

20 Nov 2009

Hong Kong’s electronic communications regulator The Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) today issued a consultation paper to solicit public views on the proposed auction of additional radio frequency spectrum in the 850MHz, 900MHz and 2GHz bands, and invited expressions of interest to be submitted by 20 January 2010. In a press release OFTA announced: ‘The growth of mobile data usage over the past two years has been remarkable. In August this year, statistics showed that mobile data usage was 13 times [higher than] the same period in 2007. With a view to meeting the need of additional frequency spectrum for capacity expansion and enabling further service development, the government has proposed to release a total of 29.7MHz frequencies for bidding in an open auction.’ Under the proposal, one frequency block of 2×5MHz in the 850MHz band, one block of 2×5MHz in the 900MHz band, and two blocks of 4.8MHz and 4.9MHz in the 2GHz band will be made available. No spectrum cap is contemplated and bidders taking part in the auction may bid for one to four frequency blocks. Frequency awards will be technology-neutral.