KPN: E-Plus and O2 may consider network sharing

20 Nov 2009

Dutch telecoms group KPN, which provides mobile services in Germany under the E-Plus brand, has revealed it may consider network sharing with Telefonica O2 Germany to reduce costs, Reuters reports. The comments come ahead of an auction for additional spectrum in Germany planned for the first quarter 2010; E-Plus and O2 Germany have said they are at a disadvantage compared with market leaders T-Mobile and Vodafone, which entered the market much earlier and are already in possession of more spectrum than E-Plus and O2. ‘I think Telefonica [and us] will look at this jointly. If there is a possibility to jointly look at this spectrum there might be a cost saving exercise,’ KPN’s chief executive, Ad Scheebouwer, said. When asked about the possibility of merging the two businesses, he stated that both companies would only sell if the price was high enough.