Telstra boosts Melbourne HFC speeds to 100Mbps

19 Nov 2009

Telstra, Australia’s fixed line and broadband incumbent, has announced the completion of an AUD300 million (USD279 million) upgrade to its hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network, The Australian reports. As a result of the upgrades the network will now offer downlink speeds of up to 100Mbps to customers in Melbourne, and Telstra will open access to the higher speeds from 1 December. Upload speeds on the network will reach 2Mbps.

The telco has also revealed plans to boost the speeds on its cable infrastructure in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide to 30Mbps, but it has confirmed that there are no intentions to introduce 100Mbps anywhere other than Melbourne at present. Commenting on likely future developments, Michael Rocca, Telstra’s managing director for networks and services, said: ‘In terms of 100Mbps plans like in Melbourne … no there are no plans to do that [in other cities] at this stage.’

The Melbourne upgrade meanwhile, which was started in March 2009, and completed ahead of schedule, was part of the operator’s efforts to counter falling subscriber numbers for its copper-based fixed line voice services.

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