France to pump up to USD6bn into high-tech fibre projects, reports say

18 Nov 2009

The government of France is looking to inject up to EUR4 billion (USD6 billion) into high-tech infrastructure projects through its national loan programme, with the lion’s share of the funding going towards subsidising the deployment of broadband telecoms networks in smaller cities and rural areas, Reuters quotes unnamed government sources as saying. It is understood that as a result of the levels of investment being considered (EUR2 billion-EUR3 billion), the government hopes to stimulate the building of fibre-optic broadband networks capable of offering high speed connections at four times those currently offered by existing technology. The proposed national loan programme, which aims to fund strategic investments and boost the development of the wider French economy, is apparently in the early stages of planning within Nicolas Sarkozy’s government. The president is expected to decide the final plan in early December.