XL to set up submarine fibre-optic cable links

16 Nov 2009

Indonesian telco PT Excelcomindo Pratama (XL) says it is deploying a number of undersea fibre-optic cables which it hopes will enable its customers to gain improved access to international links. Local paper VIVAnews reports the firm is focusing efforts in 2009/10 on setting up fibre-optic cables mainly to Malaysia through Singapore. The operator’s Director of Commerce, Joy Wahyudi, is quoted as saying: ‘There are two lines. One is from the Malacca (Strait) and the other is from Johor. The Johor line has been set up while the Malacca one can only be completed by 2010.’ He went on to point out that XL now has two substantial networks for international connectivity. ‘There is the network linked to Bangka, Batam, and then overseas. It can be to Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong. Everything will be installed under sea,’ he said.

Indonesia, XL Axiata