Azur operations ‘suspended for three weeks’ to comply with state conditions

16 Nov 2009

Gabonews reports that Gabon’s Minister of Communication, Laure Olga Gondjout, has met with Ibrahim Alkharboush, Executive Director of Bintel, the Middle Eastern owner of the African country’s newest mobile operator, USAN Gabon (branded ‘Azur’), following which a statement was released which apparently orders the newcomer to suspend its operations for three weeks while it fully complies with regulations. The text of the statement included the following: ‘This meeting enabled both sides to better suit the regulatory [conditions] of the mobile [market] in Gabon… In recent weeks, Azur made a brilliant and equally thunderous entrance into the Gabonese market. However, all conditions… are not completely satisfied. For that to happen, the government of Gabon has temporarily suspended Azur so that the operator complies fully and honourably [with] the specifications.’ The statement did not say which specific regulations have not been complied with.

Gabon, USAN Gabon (Azur)