TelOne to expand CDMA coverage – when funds become available

12 Nov 2009 reports that Zimbabwe’s national PTO TelOne is ‘at an advanced stage’ in its plans to expand its coverage of CDMA-based wireless in the local loop (WiLL) services countrywide, but can only proceed when the necessary funds become available. TelOne has already begun expanding CDMA network coverage from Harare’s central business district to high-density suburbs of the capital, but TelOne spokesperson Colin Wilbesi says the state-run operator faces ‘financial challenges’ if it is to increase the footprint further. ‘Plans to expand the product to other parts of the country are at an advanced stage. However, due to financial limitations the rollout of the programme has been limited to the capital for now. As soon as funds are available, other parts of the country will be included in the rollout programme,’ Wilbesi said, without specifying how much money was required or a likely timeframe. Early this year the telco revealed that it required a total of more than USD270 million to upgrade its national fixed network, including the completion of a cross-country fibre-optic backbone.

Zimbabwe, TelOne