Qtel earmarks USD700 million investment over ten years for Wataniya Palestine

11 Nov 2009

The Palestinian Territory’s recently launched second mobile network operator, Wataniya Palestine, will receive funding totalling USD700 million over the next ten years, Reuter reports, citing comments from the chairman of the cellco’s parent group Qatar Telecom (Qtel). Having already spent USD354 million in acquiring its licence, a further USD140 million on other licence fees, and around USD100 million on network deployment, according to Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Saud al-Thani the spending ‘is in addition to extra investments, planned for the coming ten years, in order to complete, develop and manage this network, reaching USD700 million.’

The revelation follows the long-delayed launch of commercial services by the cellco earlier this month; despite still awaiting additional frequencies, Wataniya launched its GSM network using just 3.8MHz, and claimed that at launch it had signed up 40,000 customers, having started its marketing campaign a month prior to launch.

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