Motorola to deploy HSPA+ for Zain

9 Nov 2009

US-based equipment vendor Motorola has announced that it has been contracted by Kuwait-based mobile group Zain to expand and upgrade the operator’s domestic 3G HSPA mobile broadband network to HSPA+, cellular-news reports. Zain also hired Motorola to deploy its 3G networks in 2007 and called on the vendor once more to upgrade the network in 2008, allowing it to provide download speeds of up to 14.4Mbps. Khaled Al Hajeri, CEO of Zain’s Kuwaiti operations, said: ‘Zain strives to offer its customers the fastest mobile broadband service possible and our continued collaboration with Motorola provides us with the latest solutions to facilitate the best customer experience. We have trust in Motorola’s technology and ability to deliver on 3G, as was previously demonstrated in the rapid deployment of our first contract.’

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