CAT selects Tinet for global high availability IP transit

9 Nov 2009

Italy-based Tinet, formerly the carrier arm of Tiscali Group, which claims to be the only global carrier exclusively committed to the IP and Ethernet wholesale market, and CAT Telecom, have announced the Thai state-owned telco’s selection of Tinet’s ‘IP-Flow’ IP transit service in key cities in Europe, providing CAT with additional global reach. The Tinet IP connections will be used primarily to support CAT’s corporate and consumer customers, as well as local and regional ISP clients. A press release reads that Tinet’s IP backbone is available on three continents with network reach to five continents worldwide, and its IPv6 network utilises 100% Juniper Networks-based technology. CAT owns international telecoms infrastructure including internet gateways, satellite and submarine networks connections and is one of the main communication gateways in Thailand. The government-run firm operates a 30,000km fibre network across Thailand, which is linked to the global network via four cable landing stations (Petchaburi, Songkhla, Chonburi and Satun), and three satellite earth stations (Sriracha, Ubol Ratchathani and Nonthaburi). CAT’s IP core network has a total bandwidth capacity of 40Gbps, the largest in Thailand, according to the press release.

Thailand, CAT Telecom