Batelco to hang up on dial-up in January 2010

9 Nov 2009

Bahrain Telecom (Batelco) has announced that it will completely phase out its dial-up internet service by 24 January 2010. In January this year Batelco completed the migration of its nationwide fixed network to its next generation network (NGN), combining all data and voice services on one platform, and the company has reported that less than 5% of its customers still use dial-up services, with the number decreasing on a monthly basis. In a press release, the telco said: ‘following our cutting-edge network upgrade, Batelco was able to launch the fastest internet speed in the Kingdom, up to 10Mbps. Furthermore with our recent tariff reductions of up to 40% on Batelco inet Broadband packages rental, and reductions up to 90% on the above usage threshold charges, our customers are benefitting from the best value for money packages, offering faster speeds at lower prices than ever before.’