Somafone expands network in Puntland

6 Nov 2009

Somalian mobile operator Somafone has announced the launch of services in the northeastern region of Puntland, including the cities of Garowe, Galkaio and Bosaso. Mobile network infrastructure supplier Tecore Networks assumed end-to-end responsibility for network design, installation, operation and performance monitoring of the expansion project. The network is based on Tecore’s iBSS Super-Capacity GSM Radio Access Network (RAN), featuring high channel capacity and quad-band operation, bandwidth and backhaul optimisation, footprint and power minimisation, and RAN sharing support. Somafone has also deployed Tecore’s FarSite solution to increase range, enabling the cellco to install less equipment without compromising performance. Somafone’s general manager, Abdirahman A. Hussein, added that the operator is the only one in Somalia to offer services in multiple regions under a single mobile code (252-60) and tariff plan. ‘Somafone is supporting a bustling society and economy by providing the necessary bridge of communications between communities,’ he said, adding: ‘We are very proud to be the first to offer one mobile code and one rate, matching the standard in the rest of the world.’

Somalia, Somafone