Mexican wireless spectrum winners to be revealed by mid-2010

30 Oct 2009

The Mexican government is expected to announce the winning bidders for its upcoming wireless spectrum auction in mid-2010 following comments by telecoms commissioner Gonzalo Martinez Pous, Bloomberg reports. The Comision Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Cofetel), the country’s telecoms regulator, will publish the rules for the auction next month, and it is widely believed that the sale process, including the qualification of bidders, could begin before the end of the calendar year. The revelation comes just over a month after the Comision Federal de Competencia (CFC), Mexico’s antitrust watchdog, published its ruling on the terms for the country’s auction of frequencies in the 1700MHz and 1900MHz bands; the CFC set a 90MHz cap on the amount of spectrum any single wireless operator will be allowed to obtain, despite initial indications that an 80MHz limit would be enforced.