Algerie Telecom to invest USD6bn over next five years

28 Oct 2009

According to a report by Reuters, Algerian state-owned telecoms operator Algerie Telecom has revealed that it plans to invest USD6 billion in upgrading its fixed line and mobile operations over the next five years. Cherif Yaici, deputy chief executive of Algerie Telecom, said: ‘We will invest the money in overhauling our technology and buying new equipment for our entire networks.’ Yalci added that the spending was part of a wider USD150 billion government plan to upgrade the country’s infrastructure. According to the deputy CEO, the company has around three million fixed lines in service, while its mobile arm, Mobilis, claims around nine million subscribers. Algerie Telecom seeks growth of 5% in its fixed line customer base and 20% growth in mobile subscribers during 2010.