AEC to make call for fourth mobile licence in December

27 Oct 2009

Macedonia’s national telecoms regulator the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC) plans to launch a public call for interest in a fourth mobile telephony licence in the second half of December. Alfa News reports that if the response proves satisfactory, the AEC will issue a call for tenders for the fourth national mobile licence. At the behest of government, the watchdog has reportedly carried out research to assess if there is room for a fourth operator in the country.

Earlier this year the government failed in its bid to drum up fresh competition. In August the AEC apparently solicited interest from 19 of the world’s biggest telecoms companies including the UK’s Vodafone Group, Telefonica of Spain, China Telecom, Telenor Norway and companies in India, Russia and South America. The regulator invited them to enter an auction for two 3G mobile licences but none of the firms approached showed interest in investing in the country. In order to make it more attractive, the licence was offered at a reserve price of just EUR5 million (USD7.1 million).