DNA promotes 10Mbps mobile speeds

26 Oct 2009

Finnish cellco DNA has today launched an unlimited data usage offer for its mobile broadband customers to promote its recent upgrade of its network with HSPA+ technology. DNA claims that current peak rates for 3.5G network users reach 10Mbps and that on average, actual top speeds of 3Mbps-5Mbps are available in HSPA+ zones. It also reported that the HSPA+ footprint already covers a ‘significant’ part of its 3G network, and is expanding ‘rapidly.’ DNA announced last month that it had expanded the coverage area of its 3G/3.5G W-CDMA/HSPA network in the 900MHz and 2100MHz bands to 300 municipalities, whilst in today’s release it claimed a population coverage of 4.6 million Finns. In June it announced that it was preparing to introduce maximum download/upload speeds of up to 21Mbps/5.8Mbps via the HSPA+ upgrade.

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