Vodafone Ghana retracts statement following MNP error

22 Oct 2009

Vodafone Ghana yesterday admitted to its error when it claimed that mobile number portability (MNP) was not possible between GSM and CDMA networks. The company’s Head of Corporate Communications, Major Albert Don-Chebe, told the GNA: ‘We have since called almost all the media house represented at the workshop and retracted the error.’ Vodafone technical supremo Eric Valentine told reporters that MNP between rival GSM and CDMA networks was not possible but this assertion was quickly challenged Mr Bob Palitz, the managing director of the country’s sole CDMA operator Kasapa Telecom, who pointed out that ‘the ability to move phone numbers between CDMA and GSM networks is well established.’ In an attempt to move the debate along, Don-Chebe said Vodafone’s own checks had confirmed Palitz’s comments, but added that since both firms were fighting on the same side vis a vis the implementation of MNP, ‘the common goal should not be sacrificed on the altar of protracted claims and counter claims’.

Ghana, Kasapa Telecoms (Expresso)