Kasapa and MNP: Vodafone is ‘dead wrong’

21 Oct 2009

Ghana’s sole CDMA operator Kasapa Telecom has hit back at Vodafone Ghana’s claim that mobile number portability (MNP) would not benefit CDMA technology, saying Mr Eric Valentine, Head of Technical Systems at Vodafone Ghana, is ‘woefully misinformed’ in his understanding of the situation. Yesterday CommsUpdate carried the story that Vodafone Ghana plans to back the implementation of MNP in the country arguing that by so doing ‘the claims and counter claims by network operators on which one has the best network quality will all be put to rest when MNP is implemented to give the subscriber the power to decide which network is best.’ At the time, Mr Valentine added that MNP would only benefit the GSM operators in Ghana and not Kasapa, as GSM is incompatible with CDMA making porting impossible between GSM and CDMA networks. However in a swift retort, Kasapa, which has the longest track record of any network operator with regard to promoting the adoption of MNP, points out: ‘The ability to move phone numbers between CDMA and GSM networks is well-established. The MNP function is carried on between our respective switching installations, not our base stations which may use different technology. Had Mr Valentine troubled himself to check with his parent company’s head office, he would have learned that Vodafone’s major US subsidiary, Verizon Wireless – which uses the same CDMA technology as Kasapa – routinely ports thousands of subscriber numbers to and from competing GSM and CDMA networks. Why Vodafone Ghana would believe that this technique is unavailable here is a mystery to us’.

In closing, Kasapa reiterated its position that it considers MNP as ‘vital’ for the development of the industry in the country and that ‘the years of delay so far are both inexplicable and inexcusable’. Furthermore, the CDMA operator has welcomed Vodafone Ghana’s late entry to the debate, but warns that their joint cause ‘is ill-served by the dissemination of demonstrably false statements’.

Ghana, Kasapa Telecoms (Expresso)