Telstra unlikely to invest further in ADSL2+ technology

20 Oct 2009

Australian fixed line incumbent Telstra has completed the upgrading of its 1,856th ADSL2+ enabled exchange, and in doing so has effectively come to an end of its investment in copper-based internet technology, Australian IT reports. The upgrade is Telstra’s 448th since March this year, and it is now able to offer ADSL2+ to the majority of the population, but commenting on future plans, Michael Lawrey, Telstra’s network and technology executive director, said: ‘As far as ADSL2+ goes we are not intending to invest any further in that technology, not in light of what is currently being worked through with the National Broadband Network (NBN) and what we are doing with our HFC network.’ Despite the unlikelihood of any further upgrade or investment, the operator still maintains that its ADSL2+ network will serve an important purpose for some time to come, with Lawrey noting: ‘The lifespan of ADSL2+ will depend on the NBN and how it formulates itself overall. ADSL2+ technology, both here in Australia and globally, has a ten-year lifespan at least.

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