EU, smaller operators concerned about 800MHz spectrum auction

12 Oct 2009

European Union (EU) Commissioner Viviane Reding has written to Germany’s network regulator, the Federal Network Agency (FNA), expressing concerns over the country’s digital frequency auction planned for 2010, reports Reuters, citing the Financial Times Deutschland. The EU is concerned that under the FNA’s current rules, the way that licences for the 800MHz spectrum will be auctioned could lead to discrimination. The sale, which involves licences for spectrum freed up in the switchover from analogue to digital television, represents Germany’s largest spectrum auction since the allocation of UMTS concessions in 2000. Last week German mobile operators Telefonica O2 Germany and KPN’s E-Plus called on the regulator to ensure fair access to the frequencies for all wireless providers by limiting the bidding rights for the larger players, arguing that the FNA should reallocate some of the spectrum already in use.