Watchdog publishes response to 2.3GHz spectrum consultation

8 Oct 2009

Ireland’s telecoms regulator the Commission for Communication Regulation (ComReg) has published its ‘Response to Consultation on the Release of Spectrum in the 2300MHz-2400MHz (2.3GHz) Band’. The spectrum band, which is currently unassigned in the Republic, is capable of being used to offer new technologies and services particularly those based on wireless broadband, it says. In its response, ComReg has set out its position on the future licensing of the 2.3GHz band including matters such as licence types, national and local, licence duration and competition approaches.

ComReg notes it has received ‘considerable interest’ in the spectrum allocation with no fewer than 20 responses to its initial consultation. The regulator goes on to say that with wireless broadband accounting for over 37% of all broadband connections in the country, the arrival of next generation wireless broadband promises to deliver higher capacity and more diverse services to users. However, it says that there are some outstanding matters which require further consideration such as the licence award mechanism, reserve prices, licence fees, spectrum cap and licence conditions. ComReg intends to publish its final consultation on the 2.3GHz spectrum band early in 2010.