CRC to ease number portability rules from March 2010

28 Sep 2009

The chairman of Bulgaria’s telecoms watchdog the CRC has proposed scrapping the BGL5 (USD3.8) fee for switching carriers by March next year. Veselin Bozhkov also said that only the ‘accepting’ operator will be required to be notified, instead of both under current rules. The portability period will reduced from ten to seven days. The fee the accepting company will pay the donating company will be reduced to between BGL16 to BGL18 from BGL25 for fixed number portability and BGL22 for mobile number portability.

Since the introduction of number portability in April 2008, 43,000 subscribers are reported to have transferred to another operator, whilst retaining their number. Of these, just 1,300 were landlines.

Bulgaria, A1 Bulgaria (Mobiltel), Telenor Bulgaria