PT to invest USD54m in Timor-Leste by end-2009

25 Sep 2009

Portugual Telecom (PT) has announced plans to invest over USD54 million in improving the telecoms network in Timor-Leste by the end of 2009, writes Portuguese news agency Lusa, citing PT’s chief executive, Zeinal Bava. The Portuguese group is working on the deployment of a 3G network, with the aim of providing the island’s population with access to mobile internet within two years. ‘We are seeking to bring the most advanced telecoms technologies to Timor-Leste. As well as laying an undersea cable, which makes it possible to stop depending on satellites for internet access, we are going to double the number of mobile phone aerials by April of next year, to a total of 80,’ Bava said. PT has a majority stake in Timor Telecom (TT), which holds a monopoly on the telecoms sector in Timor-Leste, having assumed the risk of investing in the country’s non-existent infrastructure and creating its telecoms systems from scratch.

Timor-Leste, Altice Portugal (MEO), Timor Telecom