AEC to issue opinion on fourth mobile licence next month; report plots mobile’s success

25 Sep 2009

The Macedonian Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC) will publish its decision on whether or not it believes the country has room for a fourth mobile operator next month. AEC spokesperson Marjan Pejovski told reporters that the agency is conducting research which should demonstrate whether the Macedonian market needs another mobile operator. The government is keen to increase competition in the domestic market although understandably, its enthusiasm is not matched by the three incumbent cellcos.

The AEC also revealed details of a study it recently commissioned on the development of the fixed and mobile market. The report shows that mobile usage has eclipsed that for landline services: 80% of Macedonians use mobile phones, while 69% of households in the country use landline telephony. The survey also found that some respondents say they are not using fixed line services because they are not able to pay the bills.

North Macedonia, Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK)