Oni the latest Portuguese telco entering Angola

24 Sep 2009

Portuguese telecoms operator Oni has announced plans to set up a local subsidiary in Angola in the first quarter of 2010 to build on its existing 100 or more corporate clients with branches there, Macauhub reports. The broadband operator’s CEO Xavier Rodriguez-Martin was quoted as saying, ‘We are considering having a local operation to provide services to large companies in Angola. I expect that it will be launched in the first quarter of 2010, with projects for integration of telecommunications services and equipment.’ He also said Oni was looking at moving into the Brazilian IP-based telecoms market through acquisition.

TeleGeography notes that another Portuguese operator, cableco Zon Multimedia, intends to enter the Angolan market soon, and has bought 30% of a company called Finstar through another acquisition, Teliz, via which it reportedly intends to set up a local venture in Angola. Portugal Telecom (PT) is already well-established in the country (which gained independence from Portugal in 1975), via a 25% stake in mobile market leader Unitel and a 40% stake in corporate data and internet provider Multitel, a joint venture with incumbent Angola Telecom. Another Portuguese firm, Visabeira Group, partners Angola Telecom in their 50/50 joint venture TV Cabo Angola (TVCabo), a digital cable TV and cable broadband internet access provider in the Luanda area. The potential entrance of Zon to the market could give TVCabo its first direct competition.

Angola will be a new country addition to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database in early October.

Angola, Angola Telecom (AT), Nos, Onitelecom (ONI), PT Portugal (MEO)