Clearwire seals trilateral roaming agreement

15 Sep 2009

US-based WiMAX specialist Clearwire has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with WiMAX operators UQ Communications of Japan and Yota of Russia that identifies the objectives and activities each operator will perform towards the realisation of establishing international roaming between each other. Under the MOU, Clearwire, UQ and Yota plan to collaborate on business and technical aspects of their respective operations to support roaming and to ensure the operators’ systems and devices are able to support the service. Additionally, the operators will work with Clearwire’s Global Alliance Partner Program members and other WiMAX operators to ensure that roaming occurs in an increasing number of countries. Barry West, president of Clearwire, said: ‘With over 500 WiMAX deployments underway in about 145 countries, the existence of a roaming framework, helping to connect operators as well as WiMAX customers, is vital to advanced cross-market cooperation.’

United States, Clearwire, Scartel (Yota), UQ Communications